About Us

Shore Films

Shore Films allows couples to relive their special day every anniversary with personalized wedding films. Weddings are expensive, but we believe in giving back, so 15% of every wedding film is used to finance pro-bono video storytelling for local non-profit efforts.

Non-Profit Storytelling

Storytelling is essential to a non-profit’s mission, especially in the social media world we live in, but non-profits often lack the resources for quality video marketing content. But as videographers with commercial and marketing experience, that’s what we do best. We believe in highlighting the dedication and positive work that non-profits are doing in our community, so Shore Films is committed to setting aside 15% of every wedding film to finance pro-bono video production.

Lifetime Wells International

Our 2019 non-profit partner was Lifetime Wells International, a water charity based in Denton, MD providing relief in Tanzania and Ghana. Last years weddings financed capturing photo/video content in Africa, editing content, and digital advertising/fundraising efforts. Find out more at: http://Lifetimewellsinternational.org

Video filmed/produced by Shore Films through weddings proceeds